Things I do


From a small team, to an entire companies. I've directed projects big and small.


I've executed marketing campaigns on just two-sentence emails.  Tell me what you want, and I'll figure out the rest.


I'm quick at editing trailers, unscripted, and corporate video. Premiere, Avid, or Final Cut? I'll use whatever gets the job done right.

Camera Fanatic

I feel comfortable behind still and video cameras, because I love making great images.

Video Compression

I wake up early just to compress video, and I'm always the resident expert wherever I go.

Live Streaming

You wanna do it live? I produce, engineer, direct, and perform on live streams weekly.

Animated Bumpers/Stingers

I've made a few of these for some high profile projects.  Picked up some awards along the way.


From world building to single trailer copy, I've written award winning campaigns for Saints Row, and Red Faction, and have built world bibles for entire games.

Color Grading

HDR10? SDR? Dolby Vision? I love using color and brightness to tell the story, and have trained others on this mystic art.


I'm ranked Gold Nova II in CS:GO and Diamond 4v4 in Starcraft II.  I love to compete on and off the job.


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Latest Projects


Alex is the consummate professional when it comes to his craft.  He’s also a very easy person to get along with and is always upbeat even in the most frustrating situations.  He is a rare talent that, I believe, consistently exceeds expectations.

Roje Smith

Roje Smith

Senior Producer at Big Blue Bubble

To put it simply, he knows his material and has a deep passion for it. I’m happy to team up with Alex and make some great footage, anytime.

Ev Religioso

Ev Religioso

Senior Cinematic Artist at Deep Silver Volition

Alex knows so much about making things look, transition and bounce well that it can make you go ‘wow.’ I worked with him directly on a splash logo once and he kept a total open mind and looked at it as an opportunity to collaborate and put great ideas together. This is the kind of person I love working with because the results always end up being killer!

Joshua Davidson

Joshua Davidson

Sound Designer at Gearbox Software

I trust Alex with any video-related task. His technical know-how blows my mind and I must admit that he has taught me a few things about audio! Alex is fun to work with, and most importantly, he delivers. Alex deserves all the kudos for his work on Saints Row 2 and Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Ariel Gross

Ariel Gross

Audio and Localization Producer at Bioware