Producer, Editor, DP, Capture Artist, Marketing . Deep Silver Volition. May 2008 – Current:

  • Shipped Saints Row 2, Saints Row the Third, Saints Row IV, Red Faction Guerrilla and Red Faction Armageddon
  • Wrote, produced, edited, and created game trailers, in-game cinematics, and internal studio presentations
  • Designed Machinima_Mode tool, best in industry, for real-time capture
  • Created cinematic assets for video games
  • Optimized video assets for Bink, YouTube, Facebook
  • Authored Cinematic Blu-Ray and DVDs
  • Maintained production and editing equipment
  • Trained employees about production equipment, color management, and professional color grading.
  • Camera Expertise used in creating anamorphic lens style visuals in games



September 2007 – August 2008:Editor. Director of PhotographyAlpha Theta Chi Films, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Shipped Fraternity House in 2008
  • Drew storyboards and communicated vision with the team
  • Edited 84 minute feature length film
  • Color graded and created visual style with graphics
  • Concepted, designed, and created DVD/Blu-Ray
April 2003 – May 2008Producer,  Creative Director.TAV Productions, Indianapolis, IN
  • Wrote business plans, RFPs , and managed equipment purchases
  • Wrote and Produced commercials
  • Managed Delivery schedules to vendors and clients
 December 2003 – May 2004:Art Director, Director of Photography.  Virginia Ball Center, Muncie, IN
  • Shipped One Day at a Time with the Red Cross
  • Aired on WIPB (PBS), fall 2004
  • Worked with the publicity team to promote the documentary
  • Edited film to Red Cross production standards


Professional Speaking:

GDC 2012 speaker:

25 Minute lecture titled Saints Row the Third real time capture tools



60 minute lectures on Anamorphic Lenses, DSLR Video/Photography, and Hollywood Color Grading theory.   Followed up with employees on in-depth information for making our games more cinematic.



2003-2007 Ball State University Graduate with a BA in Telecommunications.

2010 Post | Production World editors track


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