Sony FS700 Vs A7s

I recently purchased a Sony A7s because I needed a still camera, but also liked the fact that it has Slog2 capabilities.  I figured if I was in a low budget pinch, I could use it as a B camera.  I started running some tests and found out that while the A7s is very close to the FS700 in terms of picture quality, there are some differences that could cause problems in post:

  • A7s stops sampling every pixel on the sensor when you do >60fps, meaning you get aliasing on fine edges as seen in the above video.
  • A7s has a different base ISO, meaning you’ll need to put some ND on your scene, or use a different aperture to get the same lighting.
  • A7s is not as easy to white balance in a custom mode.  Be careful if you have to do a run and gun situation
  • While both cameras have Slog2, the color science is different enough between both cameras that you will need to do some post color correction to do a 2 camera match.  It is easier than trying to match the FS700 to any kind of Canon camera so if you’ve done that in the past you’ll do just fine.

I really love my Sony A7s and find my self taking it out more often just due to the size and portability.