About Me


I’m Alexander Mejia, award winning producer, editor, and cinematographer. I ship products with the highest quality bar, on time, for a living. While I prefer to work with an entire team to ship great products, I’m pretty good at pulling my own focus and organizing my own timeline. Lately I’ve been creating high-impact media for the video game Saints Row, and picking up a few awards along the way.

In high school I was a total A/V nerd and set up all the NLEs and wrote the documentation for other students.  After winning the Prelude Awards, a statewide video contest for high school students, I thought to myself, “maybe I should go to college for video production.”   During that summer before I went to college I saw some local ads on TV with a friend of mine and said “We could do way better than that.”  We started our own video production company  in my first year of college, taking the risks of using student loan money to buy our own equipment because it was my passion to create beautiful images.

Within 3 years I had picked up my first Emmy Award.

I love to compete in my free time. I currently average 100 APM in Starcraft 2, and ranked Gold Nova II in Counterstrike: GO.