Blizzard Dogs

I woke up Christmas morning in 2012 and saw a huge blizzard outside.  I ran outside and grabbed my Sony FS700 to shoot some slow motion footage of my dogs jumping through one of the heaviest blizzards we had seen in a decade.  The backdrop of the snow was interesting as it’s usually hard to expose a white scene outdoors, but the FS700 had no problem in Cine4 gamma handling all the subtle variations in white, even in the 24mbps AVCHD mode.

After shooting, I knew I needed to do a small amount of color grading on it, but I was at my parents house at the time.  They didn’t have Pro calibrated IPS monitor like the dreamcolor, so I had to rely on scopes heavily on the small color grade I made.  I really didn’t know if it was OK until I went home to watch it.  Everything in it was OK with the exception of the end shot where it’s just a tad too green.  Oh well this was just for fun.

I had also been receiving coupons for a new service called Virool stating that they would make my video appear on many sites and get it lots of hits.  I used the $100 coupon they gave me and said “Why the hell not?”  I wouldn’t recommend it to people making more art focused videos as there were many trolls whose comments I had to delete.  It also tanked the engagement rate of the video on the metrics.  While it does drive traffic to your video, it wasn’t the correct audience.  It might be OK for an ad where you’re just trying to get impressions, but for getting legitimate engagement, I found it better just to link it to pet blogs and have them show it to their engaged audience.